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Study Visit: Youth work in Maribor and partner cities of European Capital of Culture 2012 and possibilities for international cooperations 23rd – 30th June 2012 in Maribor, Ptuj, Murska Sobota, Slovenj Gradec, Velenje, Novo mesto.

Short description:

Study visit »Youth work in European Capital of Culture 2012« is part of the project for intensifying and promoting cooperation in teh youth field that connects with the culture and biggest title in Europe – European Capital of Culture.

We will visit youth organisations in east Slovenian part. Cities Maribor, Slovenj Gradec, Novo mesto, Ptuj, Murska Sobota and Velenje.

It will last for 7 days, during which 24 representatives of Youth organisations from EU and partner countries will visit at least 20 youth organisations or/and youth clubs in north-east Slovenia.

The visits will be used to show youth organisations and its programmes can fit in the project of European Capital of Culture as well for sharing experiences and positive examples of youth projects and activities. Least but not last we will discusse possibilities for future cooperation.

Aim of Study visit:

The main aim of this project is to provide an opportunity to youth workers and NGO activists to explore the work of Slovenian youth organizations and to learn from their positive experiences. It is also aimed at establishing cooperation and building partnerships among them; as well as at development of international youth projects, particularly in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme. Also we want to make connections between youth organisations that were involved in European Capital of Culture programme with those organisations, who will be involved in the future.


Scientific and Research association for Art, Cultural – Educational programmes and Technology EPeKa
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EU programme Youth in Action, National agency MOVIT


Maribor, Slovenj Gradec, Novo mesto, Ptuj, Murska Sobota, Velenje.

How to apply?

In case of interest please send us mail on and we will send you all needed forms that needs to be fullfiled from you.

Thanks and hope to see you in Slovenia.

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